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Killarney, located in County Kerry in the south of Ireland, is a popular area to visit for locals and tourists alike. Rolling green mountains, beautiful lakes, history and heritage, and plenty of things to do make Killarney a must-visit for travellers to Ireland.

It’s a small town, only about 15,000 people live here, but the locals are warm and welcoming and the community thrives on tourism. Like many other cities in Ireland, it can be incredibly crowded (and more expensive) during the summer months.

Killarney can be reached by car, bus, or train. When it comes to accessible cities by public transit in Ireland, Killarney is one of the easiest to get to with regular connections from other major Irish cities including Dublin, Galway, and Cork. There is also a nearby airport, Kerry Airport, which is about 13km (7 miles) from the city centre.

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